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"Brian Distilled the factors that helped him develop a life of significance into a playbook for leading young people towards lives full of character and integrity. This is a must-read for Elevate St. Louis mentors and students!" - Frank Bell, Executive Director of Elevate St. Louis


A Playbook for Today's Youth

is a powerful playbook from a Black American father’s experience and wisdom to help all of today’s young people become tomorrow’s leaders in a complicated society. Now is the time for a stronger commitment to the positive emotional development of America’s young generation.

This playbook will empower young people to strengthen their God-given talents, transcend expectations, cultivate a positive attitude, become wiser, and look inward for answers and tools to help them overcome life’s daily challenges. Young voices must be uplifted to help a new generation of emerging leaders become more confident and bolder.

This playbook provides guiding principles of daily inspiration and motivation with reflective questions for young people to focus their thoughts, attitude, and actions that will lead to achieving their goals. Each guiding principle offers a biblical reference and quote from prominent individuals that amplify the messages to better reach and reflect today’s generation of emerging leaders.