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CDTA Partners


Building youth-centered, healthy, and sustainable communities - equitably, by aligning planning, investments, and partnerships to meet today's challenges.

Who We Are

Brian H. Hurd developed CDTA Partners as an innovative platform to help communities and clients work toward their full potential. Brian leads by providing equity-centered strategies and management to help improve community and organizational impact. Working with government, businesses, nonprofits, institutions, universities, and philanthropic organizations, the platform provides urban planning, housing, and community economic development support.

Our Vision

For those served, to thrive with resources and opportunities accessible to all; where diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and equity are celebrated; where needs and values are recognized; where leadership comes from those who are vested; and where the necessities of life are equally available.
What We Do

CDTA Partners uses the application of an inclusive-designed collaborative method to address equitable priorities and combat systematic and institutional barriers that harm groups and communities. The framework helps to make a lasting, coordinated and strategic impact by providing an effective approach to diversity, inclusion, and equity. The approach is designed to develop highly credible, best-informed, and result-oriented strategies as well as an implementation framework to produce better outcomes. The focus is understanding the choices made today about existing conditions and the future must be driven by equity: intentional, just, and fair inclusion.

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