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Learn to do meaningful urban planning work.

This course will prepare the student to be a transformational leader that is better equipped for sustainable urban planning and community development. Students will be able to learn from real-time opportunities from the instructor’s professional practice in planning and community development engagements with the City of Ferguson, City of St. Louis, and throughout the St. Louis region.

Brian’s course explores principles, ethics, practice, and the business case for planning sustainable and racially equitable urban communities. Learning how to manage resources for both current and future generations, students will gain greater understanding of the importance of integrating environmental, economic, social and institutional efficiency in making the St. Louis region more competitive.

This course offered in the fall is viewed through a racial equity lens that is informed by what is driven by equity: intentional, just, and fair inclusion. Students in this course will focus on community capitalism aimed at ensuring that the health and social wellbeing are inclusive for all people. Students will learn to integrate and utilize trauma-informed approaches, cultural competence, and Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism practices to help lead to better decision-making and creating solutions aimed at reducing adverse impacts on the environment, preventing gentrification, improving the welfare of people, and shaping urban areas and neighborhoods into healthier, robust, and more equitable communities.

If you are interested in enrolling in Brian’s course in the Sustainability Program at Washington University in St. Louis University College, you will be able to better apply sustainability principles in communities of color --- either through the certificate program, the degree program, or individual courses.

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