Dream it! Plan it! Be it!
DREAM IT! PLAN IT! BE IT! A Playbook for Today's Youth

is a powerful playbook from a Black American father’s experience and wisdom to help all of today’s young people become tomorrow’s leaders in a complicated society. Now is the time for a stronger commitment to the positive emotional development of America’s young generation.


Planning & Consulting

Brian's expertise in the fields of urban planning, community development, social work and technical assistance make him a valued asset for any team looking to take their projects to the next level.


From community engagement to actionable steps, Brian gives communities the tools they need to be empowered.


A focus on racial equity that goes beyond diversity and inclusion tactics to change outcomes in addition to attitudes.

Innovation &

Unafraid to challenge the status quo, Brian's innovative approach leads to more comprehensive outcomes for residents.

Local Focus
with Global Lessons

Brian's approach is formed from both his real-world experiences in addition to best practices from around the world.

A Thought Leader

Well-tested in real world solutions



Making a difference

Over 20 years experience in community building



A trusted approach

Brian has worked with over 40 communities around the country.