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Mentor. Innovator. Leader.

Meet Brian H. Hurd.

From lifelong personal experience, and with over 20 years of professional practice, Brian is a dynamic leader at the center of equitable planning and development. As the Founder and Managing Principal of CDTA Partners LLC his work involves the supply chain of sustained, community improvement. His work involves planning, housing development, community leadership development, technical assistance, organizational capacity building, network alignment and partnership management, and a continuum of community facilitation and community building: engaging, informing, consulting, involving, collaborating, and empowering.

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Brian is making a positive difference in the St. Louis community, nationally, and around the world.

He is the first to implement an integrated application lens that comprehensively addresses racial equity, cultural competence, anti-bias/anti-racism and trauma-informed approaches to inclusively support the needs and opportunities for communities of color, young people and recent immigrant populations.

His efforts focus on lasting, coordinated and strategic impact. With fast changing demographics, he understands the choices made today --- about business and commerce, employment, housing, education, youth, neighborhoods, food systems, environment, transportation, infrastructure, health, safety, social and economic development systems, sustainability, etc., must be driven by equity: intentional, just, and fair inclusion.

An Impact on the next generation

Brian is also a field instructor and adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis. He is dedicated to positive change by developing a new generation of dynamic young leaders to serve in communities experiencing inequalities and disparities. He prepares diverse students to be better trained and equipped to help improve outcomes for children, youth, and families by effectively addressing social and economic development conditions. By educating, coaching, and mentoring young people, Brian is empowering young leaders to produce a healthier environment and better living conditions for all people that is intentional, fair, and just.

Planning & Consulting

The following is a short list of projects Brian has worked on during his career.

Economic Development Strategy

City of St. Louis

Youth Collective Impact – Place Matters

East Side Aligned

Plan and Implementation Alignment

Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods

2040 Comprehensive Plan

City of Ferguson

Developed over 161 affordable homes

Nearly $30 million in total development costs

Comprehensive Development Plan

City of Pine Lawn, Missouri

Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative

Danforth Foundation

HUD Choice Neighborhoods Planning

Wellston, Missouri

Strategic Plan

Gateway Greening

Education and Credentials

Brian is a graduate of Iowa State University, completing his Master of Community and Regional Planning Degree.
He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from St. Augustine's University.

Additional Trainings and Certifications Include:

  • Housing Development Finance Professional (National Development Council)
  • Financial Management Certificate (University of Virginia, Darden School of Business)
  • HOME Program Specialist – Regulations (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)
  • Field Instructor (Continuing Education, Brown School of Social Work Washington University)
  • Chancellor’s Certificate in Planning and Zoning (University Missouri – St. Louis)
  • Trauma Awareness Trainer (St. Louis Regional Health Commission/Alive and Well)
  • Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism